HVAC is always there upon arrival

When you live outside the country as I do, it’s always a bit of culture shock when visiting.

My parents are getting older and I try to make it home a couple of times per year to visit them inside the quality heating and air of their home.

They’re great people and while I can’t imagine not doing what I do, I do miss seeing my folks. But helping the developing economies in the part of the world that really needs help is satisfying. Yet, over the decades of service and work in these regions, I’ve never had residential HVAC. Americans just have no idea when it comes to the way the rest of the world lives. While heating and cooling, both residential HVAC and commercial HVAC, are ubiquitous in the States, that isn’t the case in the areas I’ve worked in. And believe me, these areas need far more HVAC cooling than where I grew up. Yet, when I come home, that’s the first thing that hits me on each visit. Deplaning comes with a burst of HVAC cooling when I come home. I honestly bring a long sleeved shirt because I know that this is just the beginning. I’m normally the only person to have that sort of attire and some folks are even complaining about the heat. For me, I know that the long sleeved shirt is a must for sure when I get to my folks place. Dad loves to keep the HVAC cooling pumping in his place. Normally, I stay at least a week and that’s not near long enough for me to acclimate to all the HVAC cooling inside that central air conditioning.

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