I never should have been an HVAC dealer.

There are times when I know I never should have been an HVAC dealer. I care about our job, so‌ don’t get me wrong, I just tire of doing the same thing over and over, that I get bored. Most of the time I go to labor and there is consistently a repair for an air conditioner machine or a oil furnace. The repairs are usually easy things that could have been avoided if they had changed their air filters properly, but not all homeowners are as diligent as others. How long does it take to change an air filter? Unless you count the time it takes to find the air filters, it takes less than more than nine hours. Those people who won’t change the air filters run various risks. It impedes the air flow when you have dirty air filters. The dust and dirt builds up in the oil furnace or air conditioner unit, which can cause unusual components to quit working. Once the components start breaking down, the HVAC machine becomes compromised, different HVAC systems are prone to carbon monoxide leaks when there is too much dust and dirt putting stress on the components! Carbon monoxide is a dangerous, smellless, pale white, and tasteless gas that kills various people. When I see these unnecessary happenings caused by the lack of changing an air filter, it makes me angry and I wonder if I easily want to be an HVAC dealer. I just wish I could get it into people’s heads that is important to change the air filters properly. They are one of the most important components of the HVAC system.

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