I want my HVAC system to actually clean my air

I am going to go to the beach later today around 6pm when it is cooler to just relax and look at the ocean.

It is really overheated out and I am going to do some work inside the condo till it cools off.

I am supposed to paint outside today, however the heat is going to be too much for me so I’ll just do some odds and ends inside the house. I may replace our outdated dial control component with a modern programmable Wi-Fi smart control unit. My cousin has a nice one and he got it for a wonderful price, so I guess I will go down to the store and see if they have any in stock. I guess the local corporation is also open today, which is Friday, and it usually is slower on weekends in those home improvement stores because all of the corporations are taking the weekends off. I have a newer weather conditions control system, however both of us never changed our control component because it was now working fantastic and I wanted to keep it until it died. Well, I guess the time has finally come to change over to the modern control component so that I don’t have to fiddle with it consistently. I also want to get a meter to measure our indoor air quality to make sure that our heating and air conditioning system is cleaning the air like it should be. If it isn’t after that I am going to buy a HEPA filter and replace our outdated filter with it. I am sure they have our size in stock because the locale has tons of selections of filters.

New HVAC equipment






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