I was afraid to go into the house alone.

I know nearly every child has had a haunted condo in their area that they are afraid to go near.

  • My friends and I used to throw rocks at our local haunted house, and dare each other to go up and knock on the door.As the people I was with and I got older, the thrill of knocking on an abandoned condo was not nearly as spooky as it once was.

However, when I became an Heating and A/C worker, I had to go to the haunted condo I was afraid to go near when I was a kid. Someone had moved into the condo and needed Heating and A/C installed. There was no heating or air conditioner in the house, and I was pretty sure there was no USAble ductwork. When the owner told myself and others the address of the house, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pass it on to someone else. I went to our manager and asked if there was someone else who could handle this address. It embarrassed myself and others to tell him why didn’t want to go to the house, however I had to. That day, I was knocking on the door of the haunted house. When a young lady holding a baby answered the door and told myself and others to come in, I hesitated. She laughed and told myself and others there were no ghosts in the house. Her Grandparents had moved when they got old, and no one ever took care of the house. Now she was hoping the people I was with and I could install a new Heating and A/C system so her family could transport in and make the condo their home.

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