I was losing our mind because of the high energy bill

Life hasn’t been easy ever since the pandemic hit, the rate of inflation is going up & affecting millions of people; Plus, now all of us have to deal with a gas crisis, however lately, I’ve been working on being more self-sufficient… It seems we’ve all become so dependent on particular things that are now seeming appreciate a trap, for instance, the high food prices are worrying.

This is why I now grow our own food in our small farm away from the city.

But, 1 issue I’m yet to handle is the high energy bill that I get in the mail, especially while all of us were in the Summer & Winter time weeks. I try to toil with minimal heating & cooling, but the high energy bill still seems to be an issue. Last year, our heating bill was so high that I had to consult with a specialist. I hired an Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist to come out to the farm & assess our unit. Perhaps she could tell myself and others why our energy bill was so high, while it is tploy that the price of energy is getting higher, the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist also explained that poor Heating plus Air Conditioning repair was an issue. I hadn’t consulted them for any Heating plus Air Conditioning repair in a long time, and this has caused our heating & cooling system to toil inefficiently. The best way to lower the high energy bill was to have typical Heating plus Air Conditioning check ups & tune ups to ensure the device was working officially. A nice example of our poor choices was the air filter for our cooling unit. It was so aged & gross that it had to be replaced immediately.


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