I’m ecstatic with my new smart temperature control

When I moved from home, I knew my parents would be upset.

In our community, daughters stay lake home until they’re married.

Then they transport into their hubby’s lake home & continue living life. But, I chose a unusual path. I managed to score high in private school & went to a top school in our state. After that, I did my master’s degree & landed a good job. My parents wanted me to now settle down & become a mom. But, I wanted to build my work, so, last year I purchased a house. I only took them to see it after the location was done & all my things had been moved in. Mom was in tears & Mom felt fearful, however they seemed to accept my decision & let me live my life. So far, it’s been good & I recently had my Heating & Air Conditioning plan tune-up. Mom called to tell me the importance of familiar Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance as a homeowner. Otherwise, I might find myself separate from heating or cooling when I truly need it. He also insisted I should learn how to change an air filter & do this every month. Instead of showing me through a video call, I invited Mom over to show me how to change an air filter. Deep down I knew he wanted to come by & make sure I was okay. Changing an air filter isn’t hard, however other jobs like cleaning the AC are best left to the professionals. Heating & Air Conditioning systems aren’t cheap & I didn’t want to risk messing with the warranty. In the process of Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance, I also paid for a smart temperature control. The goal was to improve my comfort levels & the dial temperature control wasn’t as effective.








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