Is there a right or wrong answer to every question?

It took me more than five weeks to get through our HVAC courses at the community school.

At the end of the course, we were required to take a class on HVAC certification.

After taking the class, we had to take the HVAC certification test, which would give us our certificate so that we could become certified HVAC dealers. When I said city to study the certification test, I was a bit confused. Some questions did not seem to have a definitive answer. I walked up to the Proctor and asked if there was a right or wrong answer to every question, and she just looked at me. She simply told me to answer each question with the best answer possible.I was pretty sure I was going to end up with a big fat zero on this test, but I did what she said. I answered each question with the best answer possible that I could find. Two weeks later, I got our test results in the mail. I was about floored when I opened up that envelope. I had gotten every question but one right. The question I answered wrong was a tplot or false, which should have been easy. I would not let that one wrong answer bring me down. I could go into the local HVAC supplier, show them our certification, and hopefully get an apprenticeship with them. It was a long more than five weeks, and I was ready to be a real HVAC dealer. Didn’t matter what anyone else thought, I knew I worked strenuous to get where I was, and the grade on that certification test proved it.

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