It would have been cooler sleeping on the sandy beach.

From the first time I went to the beach as a little girl, I have had an infinity for it.

I didn’t do the whole camping on the beach, because Dad didn’t appreciate camping.

She said the sand got into everything, including her clothing. Dad and dad would rent a chalet, beach house, or hotel for a week, and we would spend most of our time on the beach or the boardwalk. Even after I was out on our own, I still joined them when they went to the beach in the summer. My partner and I would pack up our child and follow them in our car. Last year, we had to get a hotel room in a hotel we had never been to. The other hotel was closed for repair. I was pleasantly cheerful with the hotel. It was wash and well decorated. When we got to the rooms, the HVAC systems were running well. In the middle of the night on the first night there, I awoke, and it was so warm, I could barely breathe. I woke our partner up and asked him to reset the control unit. Not only would the control machine not work, but the HVAC idea died. I called downstairs and requested they send an HVAC tech to the room, but there was no one on duty at 2AM. I was sure it would have been cooler sleeping on the sandy beach, but that wasn’t an option. I ended up still awake when the manager showed up at 8AM and provided us another room. The only room they had left was an extensive suite, and we got it for the same price. Dad and dad moved into the suite with us to save currency.


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