It would have been cooler sleeping on the sandy beach.

From the first time I went to the beach as a little girl, I have had an infinity for it.

  • I didn’t do the whole camping on the beach, because mom didn’t love camping.

She said the sand got into everything, including her clothing. Mom & dad would rent a cabin, beach house, or hotel for a week, & all of us would spend most of our time on the beach or the boardwalk. Even after I was out on my own, I still joined them when they went to the beach in the summer. My partner & I would pack up our daughter & follow them in my car. Last year, all of us had to get a hotel room in a hotel all of us had never been to. The other hotel was closed for repair. I was pleasantly gleeful with the hotel. It was clean & well decorated. When all of us got to the rooms, the Heating, Ventilation & A/C systems were running well. In the middle of the evening on the first evening there, I awoke, & it was so warm, I could barely breathe. I woke my partner up & asked him to reset the temperature control. Not only would the temperature control not work, however the Heating, Ventilation & A/C system died. I called downstairs & commanded they send an Heating, Ventilation & A/C tech to the room, however there was no a single on duty at 2AM. I was sure it would have been cooler sleeping on the sandy beach, however that wasn’t an option. I ended up still awake when the director showed up at 8AM & provided us another room. The only room they had left was an extensive suite, & all of us got it for the same price. Mom & dad moved into the suite with us to save money.


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