Loving dining out inside the HVAC cooling of a restaurant

At least the new normal around our place now includes being able to enjoy a meal outside of the central air conditioning of our home.

Like so many other folks across the globe, my wife and I spent the better part of 2 years inside the air conditioning of our home.

Of course, the pandemic was the cause. We both bailed out of the zone controlled HVAC of our offices just weeks before they sent everyone home. So we got a jump on learning how to work remotely from the air conditioning of our house. But due to my wife’s genetic health issue, we had to pretty much stay inside that air conditioning. Particularly until we were fully vaccinated, there was no way we were taking any chances. Working from home wasn’t all that bad but I will admit that I’m really glad to be back inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office these days. And I’m super thrilled to enjoy a meal out with my wife. We made the best of it while we were stuck inside the quality heating and air of home by cooking almost every night. We didn’t even feel comfortable getting food delivered for a long while. This was probably fine because actually got healthier due to eating at home and preparing good food. But man, it is so nice to walk into a restaurant and feel that perfect HVAC cooling from the commercial HVAC unit. And having somebody bring me food and drink is still one of the best parts of our life. Sure glad that good food, good wine and great commercial HVAC on a night out are part of this life again.

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