My husband fixed the damaged shingle on our roof

I am so glad that I have a husband who is handy around the house.

If something breaks, more than likely he knows how to fix it.

For instance, when our dishwasher malfunctioned and we had some plumbing issues, he was able to repair them all by himself. This means, we don’t ever have to call a handyman or a plumber if something goes wrong because my husband John will be able to handle it himself. A few weeks ago, after a bad storm, I noticed that one of the shingles was blown off from our roof. At first, I thought I would need to contact a roofing professional to fix the shingle because I didn’t believe this was something John was able to do. Well, to my surprise, John was able to fix the shingle himself and he said that the missing shingle didn’t cause any leaks. If there was a leak, then we would have contacted a roofing specialist to fix it. The last thing we need is to have any additional damages on the house. I mentioned to John that we should consider getting our roof inspected, just in case there are any other loose shingles or if there are any unforeseen issues that could come up. He agreed, so I searched online for a reputable roofing company and I have made an appointment for them to perform an inspection on my roof next week. I am hoping that they don’t find anything wrong with my roof, but if they do, it’s better that we know now instead of finding out after the damage has been done.


My husband fixed the damaged shingle on our roof






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