My husband said he married the wrong sibling, and I laughed.

I overheard a conversation between our sibling-in-law and our husband.

She was saying he married the wrong sibling, and I laughed.

I’m sure if anyone had heard myself and others laughing, they would have thought it odd. I knew what he was saying, and it was funny. Last week, all of us had to call an Heating and A/C professional to service the air conditioner unit, and it was an overpriced proposition. Instead of getting a service done, all of us ended up needing a up-to-date air conditioner unit. My sibling was an Heating and A/C professional, and it would have been an straight-forward fix for him. If he needed a up-to-date air conditioner unit, he would have gotten a discount on the unit and been able to do the upgrade with no upgrade fees. My husband enjoys me, but periodically it would be nice to have an Heating and A/C professional in the house. Of course, periodically it would be nice to have an electrician, dentist, or even a plumber in the family. I’m not sure why I didn’t guess to ask our sibling to do the upgrade and save myself and others some currency, however I didn’t want to bother him. I guess how much time he puts in at work, and when he is home, he wants to spend the time with his family. If someone called myself and others while I was enjoying family time, i wouldn’t be ecstatic either. Last week, our sibling’s refrigeration machine diet and he needed some help. He called and asked if I could come over. That’s when I was telling him about the air conditioner. He was worried that I hadn’t called him; since he had the weekend free.

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