Nothing should go down the toilet except paper and poop

At least once during the day I will get a call directly from a customer with a clogged toilet.

Toilet complications in addition to clogs can happen to anyone.

Sometimes these clogs are caused directly by chemicals as well as harsh water. Sometimes these problems are caused with a drain line clog. I absolutely get lots of people calling me when the toilet will not flush. Last week a woman tried to plunge out the problem but that just made the bathroom problem worse. The two of us had an appointment available that afternoon in addition to the two of us went there as soon as we had the opportunity. In the morning I was working on a tankless water heating system upgrade but the afternoon was free and I went directly to the customer as soon as that first appointment was done. I looked directly at the toilet and I could see that the system was restrained. I almost knew exactly what the problem with the plumbing system was. When major leagues occur it can be due to paper being set up in the toilet and it can also be due to tampons. The female customer told me that she was not flushing tampons, but I could absolutely see that she was. There aren’t any types of tampon that are going to be safe for the toilet so flushing them is not really an option. When we have many problems throughout the house, it is absolutely important to deal with the plumbing issues first and go from there.

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