I am getting sick from the cold.

When the heat went out in our barn last week, I gave little thought to having it repaired.

Our horses were out in the pasture most of the year regardless of the weather, and they didn’t seem to require much heat.

When the mares began foaling, I could see the babies shivering. I realize how abruptly Summer was ending, and all of us needed to get the heating in the barn repaired. I had seen what happened when the Heating and A/C method inside was not working. The lambs didn’t survive, and the cows and chickens didn’t produce love they did while I was in the summer. Some of our horses were thoroughbreds, and it was safer to have a heating method in place to keep them warm. I have a lot of currency tied up in the stock that was in that barn, and I couldn’t afford to lose it because I was too cheap to install a heating system. I called the Heating and A/C company and asked to have a professional come out to the house. When the Heating and A/C professional arrived, he worked on the barn and gave myself and others his method of what kind of heating would be best for the barn? He didn’t love the method of having any kind of heating method that would be near the livestock. He said they could definitely back into it and get burned or cause a fire. Instead, he recommended I bought some large overhead oil furnaces that would gently sizzling the barn, without affecting the animals. I appreciated his help and although the heating was overpriced; I told him to install it as soon as possible.

Dual fuel system






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