She said she wanted to go to school for HVAC.

I wasn’t sure what our child meant when she said she wanted to go to school for HVAC.

I had never heard of going to school for HVAC, but maybe it was something different.

When I question our child about going to school for HVAC, she told me she just wanted to be a supplier and she didn’t want to get into any of the technical stuff. My child was petite, and I wasn’t sure should be able to do the job, but she was persistent. I family relented and told her to go to the community school and sign up for the classes. Two weeks after starting HVAC school, she came home and told me she was quitting. When I asked the reason for her quitting, she told me there were no easily cute women in the HVAC classes. She wanted to go to community school where she had better looking women to choose from them what she had an HVAC school. I had never thought of our daughter’s shallow until the truly moment. I had just seen a current side for which I wasn’t sure I liked truly much. It took me a couple of afternoons to relax and not want to yell at her anymore, and that’s when I talked to her. I asked her she quit HVAC school just because of boys, care about she said she had. She told me she had, but there was more to it than that. All the women in our class were tall and thin, and she felt awkward next to them. She wasn’t sure she was going to do the same job as they did when she was only half their size.


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