Shearing the sheep made our child sad.

He rolled his eyup and walked out of the house

My four-year-old child was out in the barn seeing his Mom shear the sheep for summer. It was still cool outside, but it was that time of year. I heard his screaming and crying as he ran into the house. She told myself and others Momdy took the sheep’s coat off them and they were going to freeze. She wanted extra jackets to put on them and demanded he take a space oil furnace out to the barn. I wasn’t about to put a space oil furnace in the barn since the hay could store heat, and I actually would not allow his to take one to the barn. She insisted the sheep need space heaters, or they were going to sick. I tried to explain to his that the sheep were used to having their wool removed and it would grow back abruptly, although he wasn’t listening. She was already rummaging through his drawers, looking for extra sweaters and warmer clothing. My partner came in and asked where Mary had gone. She came out of his kitchen with clothing for the sheep and handed them to our partner. She said they had to hurry and put it on the sheep. He looked at myself and others and I shrugged. I told him the clothing was better than the space oil furnaces he wanted to bring out. He rolled his eyup and walked out of the house. Mary called him back and smiled when he took the sweaters from her. He told his they couldn’t have space oil furnaces because the lambs could get burned. After thinking it over, he agreed to no space heaters.

Space heater






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