The automotive customization shop manager was a really nice woman

I called a couple of different custom automotive shops so I could get a quote on adding new suspension and tuning to my truck.

  • I called several custom automotive shops in the city.

I called the ones that had good reviews online. I needed to find someone that was relatively inexpensive. I also needed to find someone that was going to do the job correctly the first time. I spoke with an automotive customization shop near me and the shop manager was a really nice woman. She gave me all of the information that I needed to make a good decision regarding the changes to the vehicle. The manager of the automotive customization shop told me that they were very busy. She could not get to my vehicle for 2 weeks. Thankfully, she would have enough days to get all of the parts and equipment ready for the job. She gave me a date and a time to bring my vehicle back to the shop. All of the customization and changes took 3 days to complete, but only because they ran into a couple of snags. The shocks on my truck had to be replaced and that was an unexpected repair. The shop manager called me right away to let me know that there was a problem and she offered me several solutions to fix the problem. The shocks were in stock, so the parts did not have to be ordered. She was extremely helpful during the process and I was thankful that the manager kept me in the loop the whole time that vehicle was being serviced and repaired.


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