The HVAC supplier didn’t measure our home for the AC unit.

They had consistently taught me that when you purchase a current air conditioner unit; you needed to have a home measured, then not only did the size of the air conditioner machine you by depend on how big your home was, but it also depended on how much of the load the family was going to put on it.

For instance, if you had 10 youngsters in the home were consistently going in and out of the house, you would use more air conditioner than a family that only had a partner and spouse and a small child.

There were a lot of unusual factors that went into purchasing a current AC unit. In our instance, when I called the HVAC supplier and ask for a supplier to come out because I needed a current air conditioner unit, we had various variations in our family. Over the 15 years since we had bought an air conditioner unit, we had built an in-law suite for our parents, and we added a nursery for our daughter’s baby. And there were additional needs for our home, that could have possibly meant we needed a heavier air conditioner unit. I also wanted an AC machine that would be capable of being used with a whole home media air cleaner. When the HVAC supplier didn’t measure our home for the AC unit, I refuse to buy one from him. I wanted to purchase an AC machine from a supplier that cared about their patrons. I knew our HVAC supplier wasn’t cheerful with our decision to not purchase from them. Even after I told them about the HVAC dealer, they refused to change our labor order, which left me with no other recourse than to change HVAC companies.


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