I am very annoyed with my air conditioning.

When I saw the sheep shearers nick one of the sheep, I got quite nauseous.

Every Spring, there is a farm in our local section that offers sheep shearing adventures. For a small amount of currency, you get to sleep with the sheep and assist with the shearing. They have two bunkhouses that are shared by everyone. I wasn’t overly happy about sharing a bunkhouse with anyone other than our family, but I was easily aggravated when I found out that we had to share outdoor bathrooms. I remember using an outhouse when our Grandma was alive, and between the smell and the cold, I would hold it until I could no longer. Not only did the bunkhouse reek from the smell of the sheep, but it also had the smell of mingled bodies. There was a lack of heating and air conditioner in the bunkhouse, which would have been attractive considering the nighttime un-even temperatures were still in the forties. Not only was heating and air conditioner nonexistent, there was no media air cleaner. I particularly would’ve been okay without HVAC, but the joint bunkhouse particularly needed air purification. My youngsters were having a blast, but I was hating every hour. When I saw the sheep shearers nick one of the sheep, I got quite nauseous. I saw the small trace of blood running down its side, and I almost cried. I know this will not be a yearly adventure, and I shall have to find something unusual for our youngsters to enjoy. From here on out, I’m going to make sure there is HVAC wherever we go, and air purification. There is no way I can repeat the adventure we had this year.


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