We run a small heating & cooling business

My husbandy & I moved back lake home after spending several years abroad.

We got to live & toil in some amazing locations across the world.

This all started because he got a scholarship to study his post-grad in another country. At that time, we were married & had one child. My husbandy & I made the decision to take a leap of faith & see what the future holds for us. That was the best decision ever since we got to live in that country while raising our baby. I began laboring for an AC supplier in the section & got immense experience running that location. When we moved back home, I decided to start a small heating & cooling corporation to ensure we still have an income. My husbandy had had enough of the corporate life & wanted a slower pace of life. We have hired 3 Heating & Air Conditioning experts who service homes in the section & the corporation is doing great. My hubby also joins them for maintenance & repair jobs when the calls are too many. Soon we might be hiring a few more Heating & Air Conditioning experts. The section we moved to is growing & more homes are requiring heating & cooling. My husbandy jokes that this is the opposite of slowing down. But, he also admits she’d be too bored resting in the home all afternoon & not laboring. I believe what we needed to do was transport back lake home & start the small business. The community feeling & knowing all our clients by name feels so much better than laboring with numbers on a sheet of paper.



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