When I got to work, our tools were gone.

I had three Heating and A/C jobs set up for first thing in the day.

I was supposed to be at the first up-to-date home by 7:30 AM so I could service their air conditioner machine before the husband went to work.

I jumped into our service van and headed to the house. I parked in the driveway reach behind myself and others to pull up our labor tools, but they weren’t there. I remembered putting our tools in the back of the service van the previous evening when I got done with work. I wanted to make sure I have all the tools and parts that I needed to make the repair. I was sure everything was back there, but the back of the service van was empty. I was in a panic thinking that someone had stolen everything that was in the van, but it had been locked and there was no tampering on the doors. I called back to the office and asked if I have of our tools sitting there. The young man I spoke to told myself and others that the tools were right where I left them in our service fan, however I had hopped in the wrong service van. I felt foolish thinking that I had taken the wrong service van when I went home, however I was angrier that the young man who uses it for labor had not taken the keys out. I knew how overpriced the service fans were, peak as being the owner I bought them. If our Heating and A/C professionals didn’t respect the vans, they were respecting me.

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