Back when we were dealing with the pandemic, I was shocked when some kids came to the door and left a basket of goods. It was a bunch of granola bars, bottled waters, and a UV air purifier. The kids didn’t stay at the door, they seemed to be in a rush making sure to deliver a basket to every door. I opened the door and shouted at the kids asking what they were doing. They said they were helping the community fight against the pandemic we were dealing with. They explained quickly that the UV air purifier kills dangerous viruses and bacteria, so we should use it! I never even thought to use a UV air purifier, but those kids seemed to know and wanted to get the word out. I used the UV air purifier immediately, but I also helped donate a good amount of money to that local charity those children were a part of, so they could buy more UV air purifiers for more people in the community. This even motivated my own children to help support the community, so my oldest two children decided to go out there and help give out food, water, and UV air purifiers to people who needed to survive this thing. Even when our HVAC professional came out, I told him about the UV air purifier we were using thanks to those children. He said he knew all about it and that his children were helping deliver UV air purifiers to people too, and his company was selling the UV air purifiers for 50% off! It’s amazing what we can do as a community when we all work together!

Some kind kids left a gift at our door







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