Building a home is way harder than I thought it would be, and there are just way too many decisions to be made, but whenever we decided to build a home. Last year, I never thought that it would be such a time consuming, difficult process. That’s the truth! I thought that it would genuinely be easy and fun, for the most part, boy, was I wrong! This whole thing has been legitimately stressful and annoying to us for the entire time that we have been finally working on it, but it’s been one decision to be made after another and it seems like every decision is substantial and life altering. If we end up choosing something wrong, then it ends up affecting the whole rest of the build and that is not the kind of pressure that I like to be under. Right now, we are trying to decide what kind of heating and cooling system we want to install in the house. We both want a high efficiency heating and cooling unit, but we just do not know what sort of gas furnace we want to have. My hubby wants to get a gas furnace for the new house, but I'm afraid of gas appliances. I constantly think they are going to blow up in the middle of the night or something crazy like that. I want to get a regular old electric gas furnace like we used to have in the home when I was a kid. We are fighting over it, and I think we are going to end up letting our heating and A/C business make the decision for us!

Letting the A/C contactor make the decision for us



heated floors






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