He has experience working with commercial HVAC systems

My father is an amazing man.

Together with mom, they’ve managed to raise 5 kids and run a successful Heating and AC business.

Now, the reins of the company are in my hands. I just hope I do them justice and keep the successful venture running. Dad began working as a heating and AC contractor decades ago. At that time, he only went to college to get his heating and AC certification. After that, he never worked for anyone. Dad set out to be an independent heating and AC contractor serving the farms and homes in their small town. As the area grew thanks to some tourist attractions nearby, dad got more work. There was also demand from nearby towns for his skills as word spread about his excellent service. Eventually, dad had to set up a small business and hire two extra technicians to help him out. Mom came on board while we were in school to handle the books and admin work. It has been decades since they began in a small one room office to now owning a small building that caters to the company. When I started heading out with the HVAC technicians to do part time work and earn some money, I never thought I’d like the work. But, I showed promise and dad began teaching me about the company. Now, I’m hiring the first person as a HVAC technician since I took over. He has experience with commercial HVAC systems which is a huge plus. This is the direction we hope to venture into and I need technicians with such experience.


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