I am so happy for my sister

It’s been so much fun living with my sister.

Even for me that sounds odd.

But, we actually get along so much better now that we are adults. My sister and I grew up in a suburb not far from a big city. Life was good since our parents had good jobs. But, like many other siblings, we rarely saw eye to eye. She was a year older than me and felt she could push me around. Being the strong headed person I am, I pushed back and this meant we were always fighting. It was our mom who always kept saying that no matter how many times we fight, we should be there for each other. In 2020, I felt lonely in the city and my sister asked me to move in with her. I was apprehensive at first, but she convinced me this was a good idea, and she was right. Now that we are grown, we respect each other and have grown closer. My sister works as an HVAC technician in the city and bought a lovely 2 bedroom house. Instead of renting the extra room to a stranger, I now occupy it and share in the utility bills. Thankfully, we don’t have to pay for things like HVAC maintenance and repair. It’s so much relief to have a HVAC technician in the family who can handle such matters. My sister has the latest HVAC technology in her home including the best smart heating and cooling systems. She’s always checking out the best systems and working to improve the one in our home. It seems she is excelling in the HVAC industry and I am so happy for her.

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