I learned how to keep the headaches away

It wasn’t that long ago when I experienced usual headaches everyday plus the pain was hard to deal with.

This was especially tough for me because I’m unable to take and of the usual headache medicines without getting nauseous.

I’m not sure what changed in my system, I used to take headache medicine plus it worked. Then as I got older, I would literally vomit whenever taking the medicine. I learned from my nurse that this can happen to people, plus then they need to seek alternative medicines to ease their pain. She proposed using medical cannabis, plus surprisingly that has helped a lot, however now when I’m feeling a severe migraine, I enjoy some cannabis plus relax in my room with the perfect temp control settings, however usually when I crank the A/C system in the summer, my headaches are able to settle down. In the winter, I’ll have the gas furnace working just right plus usually I’ll have the fans working. I think the entirely white noise from the fan helps a lot with soothing my headaches! Recently though, I determined that I had high blood pressure. It seemed to me that it was a combo of stress plus an exhausting diet. I mean with all of the pizza, chicken wings, fried foods plus what not, it was no wonder I was getting constant headaches. As soon as I took sugary plus high sodium foods out of my diet, the headaches basically went away! I still prefer hanging around the lakeside house with the perfect temperature control settings, but my headaches are rarer with a healthy diet these nights plus I hope I can keep things that way.

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