I married the local HVAC technician.

When I got married last year, I was expecting the worse.

From all the accounts I had heard from other wives of HVAC technicians, I was waiting for our venue to lose HVAC and my husband repairing it.

I expected him or his groomsman to be missing or late for the wedding because of an emergency HVAC call. Surprisingly, my wedding went off without a hitch, and so did the reception. Nearly every HVAC technician in the company, including the owner, showed up at the wedding. The only one missing was out on an emergency furnace repair, and he showed up for the reception. I thought I had everything under control when I married the local HVAC technician, but I wasn’t prepared to spend so many nights alone. Since my husband was one of the newest HVAC technicians in his company, he got a lot of the after hours service calls. We would be in the middle of dinner and his beeper would go off. We were getting ready to go out to dinner when his beeper went off. The only time it was convenient for his beeper to go off was when we were in church. The HVAC emergency was at our church. I had already nudged him awake twice, because he had worked half the night. When the beeper went off and we saw the address, he was wide awake. I stuck around after the sermon, so I could drive him home when he was done with the HVAC repair. At least I got to spend the afternoon with him, even if he was working.


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