I wanted a window tint to keep my upholstery from fading.

I took my car to the auto customization shop to have a window tint installed.

I noticed my interior was beginning to fade, and I worried the leather would crack.

Before there was any more damage done to my car, i wanted to have window tint installed. I had done my homework about window tint and learned that it could block the UV rays that caused damage to the inside of the car. It would keep the leather from drying out and cracking. Window tint could keep the color of the upholstery from fading and it could also help protect my eyes. I was sure that a window tint was exactly what I needed. They showed me several shades of window tint, and I said I wanted something that wouldn’t obstruct my view, but would protect my car’s interior. When I returned for the car, I felt like I was driving one of those limousines that offered privacy windows, but the privacy was on my windshield. I worried that this was not what I wanted, but the installer told me it was perfect. I knew I was right, and he was wrong when I drove a mile down the road and got pulled over by a police officer. He told me that the window tint was too dark, and it wasn’t allowed to be this dark in our state. I got a hefty fine and had to go back to the auto customization shop and have it lightened up. I asked if they would pay my ticket since the dark tint wasn’t what I asked them to install.


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