I was waiting for the HVAC technician so I could go to work.

I had called for an appointment with the HVAC company, and it took them two days to call me back.

  • I was hoping they could get to the house before I had to go back to work, but my hopes were dashed.

They wanted to come to the house on a day when I had work. It never failed that I could have five days off in a row, and they wouldn’t come to the house until the day I had to go to work. When they gave me the time for the HVAC technician’s arrival, I stressed that he had to be on time, but they ignored me. The woman on the phone continued to drone on about the three-hour window for his arrival, and I yelled at her to stop. I asked if she was listening to me needing to go to work. She told me I needed to have a neighbor or someone else at the house, or my appointment time would be forfeited. I had never heard of such a policy, and I was angry. She said that every HvAC company and every repair shop now had the same policy, and they wouldn’t veer from the policy for anyone. I stood outside on the morning the HVAC technician was to arrive. His arrival time was 9 AM and I knew that if he arrived by noon, I could be to work by 2:30 and not be late. When he hadn’t arrived by 1 PM, I was angry. I called the HVAC company, and the dispatcher said they knew he couldn’t make it by noon, and cancelled the appointment.
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