It is too hot this year

The summer is a great time for outdoor activities, but I try to limit the time I spend out in the sun because it gets very hot and sweaty pretty quickly.

Compared to previous summers, this one has been pretty different.

I usually spend a short time outside before going inside to relax before going outside again for a longer time. The extreme heat this summer has kept me from going outside much this year. It seems like as time passes, the summers are getting hotter and hotter, making it unbearable to enjoy the weather. Trying to stay out of the heat has been my main concern. Due to the hot weather, I have not been able to participate in any summer activities as I normally would. In my air-conditioned residence, at least I am able to remain comfortable and cool. When the weather becomes hot, I can easily cool down my home with my ductless mini split air conditioner inside my beach home. My HVAC system performs well even in the hottest temperatures. I prefer to play games outside at night rather than during the day, since it is cooler at night and there is no risk of getting burned by the sun. As a result, I have no need to worry about sweating or overheating. Even though I have not been able to enjoy outdoor activities as much as I would like, I am able to enjoy my HVAC system more often from inside my home. I can’t imagine how miserable it would be without my ductless mini split unit.

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