It was a pretty sad situation when the commercial cooling plan quit working at our church. You should’ve seen the bishop, he was practically begging people to donate funds towards getting the commercial cooling plan fixed or substituted. On a realistic level, there was no way we would be able to afford a brand new commercial cooling plan in the church building, but a service to get it now working seemed doable, then a lot of people donated money, despite the fact that I l learned from talking from the bishop that we only had about half the amount of money that we needed. Everybody who was attending church was covered in sweat like crazy, the air quality was terrible, and it was just bad for a long while. The bishop was asking me if I knew anybody who would be able to help out, I thought about it and the only man I could think of was my uncle who was a retired heating plus air conditioning professional! He pleaded with me to please reach out to my uncle to see if he could help. My uncle was surprised when I got on the cell phone with him because we hadn’t spoken in years. I told him the situation at the church building and he said he could have a look and see what was going on. He had experience with commercial heating plus air conditioning repairs back in his afternoon and he still had his tools. He brought some old heating plus air conditioning buddies along plus they agreed to take care of the commercial cooling service for the amount of money that the church had. They got the cooling plan working again in one afternoon, and everybody was so grateful, including myself.

The air quality and temperatures were bad in the church

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