It’s a dream home for us

For a long time, my wife Etty & I lived in the suburbs with our 2 children where the taxes were especially high.

Etty and I talked often about building a condo out in the country.

This way, both of us wouldn’t have insanely high rates of taxes & would build a brand new condo customized to our needs! Every one of us both have successful careers & combined, both of us had more than enough money to build a truly nice home. It basically was the same as designing our dream home, together, & it was a beautiful thing. Etty and I bought a truly nice piece of land that was away from it all. The driveway was paved & linked to one of the main roads in the area. The arena of the condo was away from everything & totally peaceful. Every one of us even saw a bunch of bald eagles circling around while in the construction process. Every one of us worked with some fantastic local corporations. The HVAC corporation was especially amazing because they take care of sheet metal fabrication. They built a truly amazing HVAC duct system. They genuinely recommended that Etty and I go for high velocity heating & cooling. The HVAC duct is more slim compared to traditional ducts & both of us made the choice to go for rounded HVAC ducts which work great with high velocity HVAC systems. Not only is our condo a beautiful arena to behold, but the central HVAC system is extremely energy efficient & works so hastily. Etty and I can heat or cool our arena down within hours, & I’m not even exaggerating! Whenever Etty and I have friends & family come out these nights, they can’t stop talking about the beautiful landscape, & how charming & cozy our condo is. Every one of us have a costly fireplace in the kitchen & in the master home office also, so we’re always cozy at home.



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