It’s the home of our dreams

For a long time, my partner Max and I lived out in the suburbs with our children where the taxes were especially high.

Max and I often talked about building a home out in the country.

This way, every one of us wouldn’t have the high tax rates and every one of us would have a brand current new home customized to our needs! Max and I both have very successful careers and together, every one of us had more than enough currency to build a truly nice place. We were basically designing our dream home together, and it was a beautiful thing. Every one of us bought a really nice piece of land that was far away from it all. Our driveway was paved and connected to a single of the main roads in the area. The placement of our current home was away from everything and totally peaceful. Max and I even saw a bunch of bald eagles flying around during the construction process. Max and I worked with some wonderful local businesses. The HVAC businesses were especially amazing because they take care of sheet metal fabrication. They built such a complex HVAC duct system. They actually advised that every one of us go for high velocity heating and cooling. The HVAC ducts are more narrow compared to traditional ducts and every one of us chose to go for rounded HVAC ducts which works good with high velocity HVAC systems. Not only is our current home a beautiful spot to behold, but our HVAC plan is extremely energy efficient and works so abruptly. Max and I can heat or cool our locale down within hours, and I’m not even exaggerating! Whenever Max and I have friends and family come out these days, they can’t stop talking about the beautiful landscapes, and how fantastic and cozy our current home is. Every one of us have a fancy brick fireplace in the living room and in our master dining room also, so we’re always cozy at home.


It’s the home of our dreams






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