My neighbor tried convincing me to install a ductless mini split

It certainly wasn’t very hard to convince me that it was a wonderful AC system to install a ductless mini split. My neighbor Bob kept telling me how easy it was since she did the install a few times for some friends. I had gotten a few unusual quotes for a new ductless mini break upgrade from the usual Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C companies. I was going for a 5 zone system, so all the upgrade costs were high. I recall talking with my neighbor about it plus she kept telling me it was best to do the upgrade on my own plus Bob would have my back for sure. So I ended up buying the modern 5 zoned system, which I got for a pretty decent price. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect with the upgrade, but Bob told me every step carefully plus the two of us didn’t rush or anything. Bob and I took our time drilling the holes in the walls where the two of us wanted to install the indoor air handlers. I must say, the units are beautiful plus they certainly compliment the house. We used special lineset covers on the outside of the house, plus you can’t even tell that this system wasn’t installed professionally. So far the new ductless mini break has been working great. For some reason, I was sad that I couldn’t get enough cooling for the house, but these systems work so well, you could certainly get down to freezing levels if you wanted to, although I constantly keep the temperature control in my zone set at 73 degrees. For me, that’s nice and comfortable plus not to mention the energy savings are unbelievable!

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