Security for older homes

About five years ago, our husband & I purchased an older home, then the hardwood floors, intricate moldings & gorgeous staircase are all original; All of us were cheerful by the high ceilings, big windows & immense fireplace in the bedroom, but while the historical charm of the condo appealed to us, both of us also wanted to implement some modern updates. The electrical lines in the condo were not up to code & there was only a single outlet in most rooms. All of us needed to upgrade all of the galvanized water & drain pipes, plumbing fixtures & appliances; Because the condo lacks conventional HVAC duct, both of us installed a high-velocity proposal to avoid damaging the plaster walls & ceilings. When both of us updated the heating & cooling system, I started looking into the benefits of a smart thermostat. That led myself and others to all sorts of wireless amenities for the home, including a security system. The numerous exterior doors & big windows offer wonderful curb appeal but also create a security risk! I liked the idea of glass breakage sensors, motion activated lighting & surveillance cameras. Adding automated door locks has been severely helpful. All of us don’t need to worry about misplacing keys or getting locked in. All of us can absolutely unlock or lock the doors by way of an app on our cellphone. All of us can check the surveillance footage at any time & from anywhere. All of us also earn alerts if anyone steps onto the property. In the event of an intruder, a really loud siren would go off & our husband & I would both be notified… Unless both of us punch in the respected code & supply a password, the authorities are notified.


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