Sorting HVAC matters for the Airbnb venture

I put up my small cottage on the Airbnb website, so I could rent it out to tourists who wanted a break from city living.

It was my first time renting it out.

I had not thought it through as I felt the house was not ready. On the day that the guest was to arrive, I had scheduled HVAC maintenance on the unit. The HVAC repairman informed me that the system was not working, so I had to replace the entire HVAC unit. I had neglected the cottage, and the last time I contacted an HVAC provider, he told me that the equipment would not last since it was neglected and ancient. I hoped the house would be ready by the time the guest arrived in thirty-six hours. The techs installed the new HVAC equipment and upgraded the dial thermostat to a smart one that would be compatible with the new unit. The HVAC installation did not take as long as I thought. I had to take a small loan to purchase a system that used new HVAC technology, but it was well worth it, and if business were good, I would pay it back in three short months. It was, after all, from one of the best HVAC brands in the HVAC business. Though I would need to change the air conditioning filter every three months, the quality HVAC would help with indoor comfort and air quality. The HVAC professional recommended I schedule annual servicing to ensure it lasted longer and functioned optimally. Once everything to do with the HVAC system was sorted, I took time to clean the place and make it as guest-ready as I possibly could.









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