Staying out of the heat

At least I can enjoy my cool air conditioned home.

I love to spend my Summers doing fun things in the sun, but part of doing fun things in the sun is and make sure I’m not in the sun too long because it can quickly become uncomfortable to be very hot and sweaty. This summer however has been different, normally I would go outside for a little while and then return to my cool air conditioned house to relax before going outside again. However this summer has been extra hot and I haven’t been able to go outside hardly at all. I’ve just been doing my best to stay out of the heat. It hasn’t been as much fun because I haven’t had a chance to enjoy the summer activities like I normally do because of how hot it has been outside. At least I can enjoy my cool air conditioned home. I have an excellent ductless mini split air conditioning system that works like a charm to cool down the house even in the hottest conditions. I have decided to start playing games outside at night when it’s much cooler and I don’t have to worry about getting burned. That’s why I don’t have to worry about sweating and getting too hot as well. Even though I haven’t gotten to enjoy as much outside activities as I would normally like to, it’s worth it if it means I get to enjoy my HVAC system.

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