The cats are constantly destroying the air filters

My black animal is an Angora plus he’s super large plus fluffy, although he has the sweetest plus most gentle meow.

It’s almost as if he is scared of meowing loudly, so he lets out this whimper of a meow that is the cutest.

I found him plus his sibling, who is the vocal one, in a field in a nearby town just the other week when they were both about 2 weeks old. Occasionally they love to sleep on my air purifier during the day. Surprisingly, neither of them have any fleas or any health drawbacks so to speak of! The local company near me is going to neuter them next week so we don’t have any little kitties running around the property in a few weeks. Once I get that done then it will be back to typical business with them in the flat. My Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C rep got 2 of the other siblings plus occasionally he brings them over so they can all play plus hang out while he works on tuning up my Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C equipment. It’s fun watching them all play because they are all brothers plus love being around one another. I’ve had 2 HEPA filters chewed by these guys after leaving them out on the kitchen counter to dry. I guess they thoroughly enjoy the material plus how it feels, so they have no issues in the least shredding it up with their claws while I am asleep. At least they can’t shred up my smart temperature control unit, which is within their reach as it is just above my sofa where they are normally resting.

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