They were complaining about the temperature

We’ve lived in this seasoned condo for a few years, close to a decade.

One thing that has frustrated me a lot over the years is the constant griping and complaining about our temperature control settings inside the house.

I have told the children regularly that both of us can’t afford to crank the Air conditioning system too much of the time & when they feel too cold in the winter, they better wear a sweatshirt or put a blanket around them! I never believed the temperature controls were unsatisfactory… Generally, I would have the heating system set at 73 degrees & the cooling system set to 79. I also keep a humidifier running in the Winter so that the temperature genuinely feels warm. I can’t tell you how various times the children have adjusted the temperature control settings anyway, especially when I am away at the office. I have told my wife that she should be more strict about the temperature control settings, but my wife agreed with the children that it was too uncomfortable in the house! Finally, I gave up & called the HVAC corporation to see what solution both of us could come up with. The HVAC guy was genuinely helpful, telling me about upgrading our HVAC system with zone control or getting a zoned HVAC system installed. The HVAC was kind of ancient, close to 16 years old. I had enough money saved up so I decided to buy the ductless multi-split system which the HVAC professional recommended, but suddenly, everybody had their own personal zone with customized temperature control settings, & what a game changer it has been! Now Nobody complains about the temperature control & it’s always comfortable with low energy bills!


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