Throwing an awesome retirement celebration for our HVAC repair pro

My partner and I were both feeling upset when Lou, our HVAC repairman said he was finally retiring.

You couldn’t blame the guy because he was up there in his years and Lou said he had made the right investments overtime to where he could finally retire and have a peaceful life separate from having to actually work so taxing anymore, then of course, this guy was the best HVAC repairman every one of us had in our lives.

I have used other HVAC professionals who weren’t nearly as thorough as Lou when breaking down the work, what needed to be done, and even with providing energy saving tips… Lou always gave us current energy saving tips that every one of us had never thought of prefer using our other appliances for cooking in the kitchen when it’s sizzling outside or grilling outdoors as often as we could. Every one of us have hosted so many BBQs and it’s always been a lot of fun, especially when Lou, our favorite HVAC repairman came out to visit, but Lou said he would still come out to our BBQs and holiday events, he just wanted to be able to ride out his retirement years. He said he was planning on getting a current boat with excellent temperature control, so he could fish all the time. Lou said that fishing was his most number one activity, and he enjoyed all kinds of unusual seafood recipes and he was eager to try some current a singles too. Lou also said that every one of us could call him up anytime to make plans to go fishing on his most current boat. Of course, every one of us wants to do that! Every one of us got a bunch of family and friends here and threw the man an awesome retirement celebration!

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