Weather makes it difficult to workout outdoors

Living in the northeastern area of the country, the weather is especially severe! All of us deal with high heat and humidity in the summers, however in the winter, the temperature is normally below cold and sometimes dips into the negative digits.

The snow piles up in feet; During the fall and Spring, both of us experience a mix of high winds, rain, sleet, cold rain and hail.

It’s nearly impossible to handle my workouts outside. I have invested into all unusual types of exercise attire and gear to combat the weather. I have blazers and pants that repel water and keep me dry. I have shorts and tanks that wick away moisture when I’m covered in sweat profusely. I’ve bought insulated clothing for the cold afternoons. In the Summer I make an effort to get up as early as possible and workout before the heat of the day. When the weather turns cooler, I often wait until midday to workout. However, it’s not safe to run when the sidewalks are icy or covered in wet leaves. It’s really unpleasant to ride my bike when it’s raining, snowing or harshly tepid and muggy. I entirely appreciate every opportunity to carry my yoga mat out onto the deck and breathe fresh air during the workout. I find that I’m more motivated and get more benefits out of the workout when I can get outdoors. Because I’m trapped inside the majority of the time, I’ve invested in a variety of helpful equipment. I have a treadmill, stationary bike, yoga mat, set of free weights, incline bench and kettlebells at my disposal.

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