When the HVAC technician took the air filter out of the furnace, I was pretty embarrassed by it. I was actually trying to get the HVAC company out to my house to work on the heating system for me and I ended up totally embarrassing myself in the end. I was not even planning on having the air filter changed, but the HVAC technician who came out to the house told me that he needed to do a complete maintenance check on the whole system. He needed to make sure that the heating system was in really good shape before he could say that he fully inspected it. I liked the way that he was so thorough at first, but then I realized that he was going to change the air filter too! It was at that moment that I felt like I was going to melt away into a puddle on the floor out of embarrassment. I knew for a fact that the air filter that was in the heating unit was a really old one. At that point, I could not even remember the last time that I had changed the air filter and I knew that it was going to show! Sure enough, he pulled the air filter out and held it up. It was nearly black because it had been in there for so long. He said that he would change it for me, but I noticed the way that he shook his head as he was carrying it out to the trash can. I felt pretty judged by him!

I was embarrassed by the air filter


Heating maintenance






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