When we were on a trip a few weeks ago, we ended up staying in a camper outside at our cousin's house, then they did not have enough room inside the home for us so they told us that the two of us could stay in their camper out in their driveway. I thought that would be fun, but I constantly did not think about the fact that the temperature would be dropping like silly overnight. The weather was absolutely nice during the morning but then during the evening it started cooling off a lot. I know that our cousin would rather have had us stay inside the home with almost everyone else, but to be honest, it was way too crowded in the home for my taste. I don’t like being crammed in with a bunch of other people and the home was basically filled to the seams with other people. So staying out in the camper was not absolutely that big of a deal for me besides the fact that it got absolutely chilly out there. The only thing that we had for a heating plan was a little electric space furnace which did not absolutely work all that well. The camper was not hooked up so that the two of us could run the heating and cooling plan in it and so what normally would have been a good night's sleep absolutely was spent cold and trying to keep sizzling under a lot of blankets. I loved going out to visit with our cousin, but I absolutely wished that the weather had been just a bit warmer so that the lack of an oil furnace would not have been so much of an issue.

The space heater didn’t work that well

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