My uncle didn’t have air conditioning in his house.

I could never understand how my uncle could live in his house during the summer.

Mom told me he never had air conditioning installed. Even though her sister asked him to have air conditioning installed, he never did. He kept putting it off, and when mom’s sister died, he didn’t think it was worth doing it anymore. I wondered what he did that took such precedence over his wife’s comfort. Mom told me he was a gardener and was always outside. When he got into the house, with the shades pulled, it was so cool inside that he would shiver. He tried to tell my aunt this happened, but she didn’t understand. She left him years before she passed away, but she only moved to another home. During the winter, he would live with her, but during the summer, they lived apart. Mom never really understood the relationship, but she said it worked for them, and neither had to be uncomfortable. I’m glad mom and dad don’t live like this. I wondered if I would be here if they had? Since dad works for an HVAC company, our Hvac is always perfect, and we never worry about it being too hot or too cold. Next year, dad wants to open a Hvac company. I’m hoping to go to school and be his first HVAC technician. After a couple of years working for him, I may talk to dad and ask if he had ever considered having & Son added to the sign in front of the HVAC company. We could have a good partnership when the time came.

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