We could not find the boiler in the house

Every Open House that my friend and I came across over the weekend, my sister and I attended as well. I would take notes and look at various items around the house with my friend. My friend and I were aware of both our wants and dislikes in a home. Since my partner and I were too young to buy a house, I don’t believe my partner and I ever signed the guest book, but we weren’t kicked out for it. For both of us, one loft in particular stood out. It was an old clapboard house, but it still had a lot of personality, and the foundation was in excellent condition. Both the inside and the roof were brand-new. The boiler was the only issue my associate and I discovered with the loft. There was no boiler available to examine despite my friend and I searching the garage and basement. When my friend and I inquired about the realtor hosting the open house, she informed me that the home did not have a formal listing for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning but that there was one. She was merely “house sitting.” I was certain that I would never purchase a loft without a boiler. Every house needed heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. I didn’t know a single family who didn’t want heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in their home, but I didn’t know the family who was selling this home. My friend and I carefully searched the house, but the only places we could find to eat were the dining area’s old wood stove and the fireplace in the living room. They undoubtedly believed they didn’t require heating in the living room and may not have desired heating in the dining rooms, but my sister and I still found it strange.

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