Virtual Heating & A/C appointment

The world is a silly arena right now and several things are changing… I haven’t left my condo in about three months or maybe even more than that.

I am lucky that I am still able to work from home because several people I know have lost their tasks! My husbandy and I both still have our tasks so my buddy and I know it’s pressing to support small supplier whenever my buddy and I can.

My friend and I try to order takeout from local companies a few times a week to help them stay in business. My friend and I also are still keeping our maintenance program that my buddy and I have with the local Heating & A/C business, and since my buddy and I can’t unquestionably have an Heating & A/C worker come out to the condo my buddy and I have been conducting virtual Heating & A/C appointments where someone will video call us from the Heating & A/C supplier and take a look at the Heating & A/C unit. It has been a legitimately good way for us to help out our local Heating & A/C supplier and still make sure that our Heating & A/C system is laboring officially. I hope nothing goes seriously wrong with our Heating & A/C system because I don’t want to have an Heating & A/C worker in our condo and this is a good way to prevent that from happening. I will continue to have this virtual Heating & A/C appointment until I feel like it is safe to have an actual Heating & A/C worker in the condo again, and however, I don’t know that is going to be anytime in the near future.


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