Looking for a new electric heater

Okay, one more article and then off to swim in the Mediterranean Sea for a bit.

I think we have hit the lowest temps now, as it is the second day of March, and the effects of the cold water are really therapeutic for me.

I feel a lot more focused after doing the ten minutes in the cold sea, and I also feel more energetic and happier from doing them. I’m not sure how it all works, but something is going on with my blood chemistry when I take these cold water dips each day. Heating myself up with a hot water boiler induced bath is critical as soon as I come home because my body is really cold at that point. There are not many others who do this cold dip during the wintertime, and I understand why because it is not a comfortable feeling at all. My HVAC specialist friend has been doing these dips since he started working for the heating supplier about ten years ago. He looks really young for his age and hasn’t had a cold in ten years since starting the dips. I work with him doing ductwork repair jobs and heating system upgrades, and for a 74 year old man he has an immense amount of energy. I will keep doing them for as long as I feel they are helping my body, and hopefully I can stay young like my HVAC tech friend when I am the same age as him. I’m grateful for my tankless hot water heater for keeping my baths so nice and hot.
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