Propane boiler keeping my bathtub hot

I am writing in my office with my gloves on.

I cut the fingers out and am able to type with them as my fingers get really cold in the mornings.

I guess I could run my unit and make it warmer in my office, but I would rather not and save money by wearing gloves. This cold weather is going to be a memory in about three weeks, as spring rolls in and the cold temps take off once again. I got my power bill for the past two months, which were very cold months with lots of heating from my central HVAC system, and the bill was only about $150. So now I want to see how low we can get the power bill for these two months when we barely ran the heat at all. I think without using the heating devices in our flat we can get the bill down to about $100 for two months. This is a great price because there are two of us here, and that means we are only paying $25 each a month for our power bills. The heating provider told me that heating uses more power than cooling, so this summer we should have some nice low power bills as well. That means the total cost for us to live in this three bedroom two bath flat is about $1300 a month for everything. That is pretty good considering every local business I need, including my HVAC tech job at the HVAC company, is less than a five minute walk from my flat.

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