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  • The heaters worked well in the wind

    My friend and I had some plans for Saturday and we were going to go to the beach so we can hang out with all of our friends but this was not a very good time and was too do these things. My fantastic friend and myself really needed to get away from the house […]

  • I could use a brand new HVAC unit

    Because the cost of heating and air conditioning systems today are getting pretty high I really could use to buy a brand new and up to date central heating and air conditioning system unit. I have had my old one for a long time now and it is coming close to the time where I […]

  • Working hard to replace my HVAC unit

    Central heating and air conditioning systems these days are very expensive. And I have been needing a new heating and cooling unit for several months now. I am really playing with fire having this quickly dying old central heating and air conditioning system as the only source of heat as well as air conditioning in […]

  • Making good air quality at home

    If you are looking to really make good air quality in your home and you have the cash to do it, I really would suggest making a major investment and getting yourself a whole home air purification system. By getting a whole home air purification system you can clean the indoor air quality of your […]

  • The church and the HVAC system

    I had always thought they would use it for religious stuff and things like that which would help them but not the parish members. I am very impressed by my church that I go to. They actually invested into the most top quality and very up to date commercial heating and air conditioning system unit! […]

  • HVAC is not always perfect

    Some people do not realize that no matter how advanced heating and cooling technology is, there is always going to be something that is not perfect about a heating and air conditioning system. Even the most brand new and up to date central heating and air conditioning system will not be perfect. Especially if you […]

  • Really enjoying my portable a/c

    I bought a portable air conditioning system recently and I am really enjoying it. It is making my house have much better indoor comfort. The portable air conditioning system is having its turn at cooling whatever room I put it in as a compliment to my central heating and air conditioning system’s cooling all together. […]

  • I went with a new gas boiler

    I’ve had a rough week. To be honest, this last year has been severely rough for me. When I lost my job and had to buy a new boiler, life became undoubtedly difficult. I knew that my boiler needed to be replaced soon because it was getting pretty old. It was not my intention to […]

  • The summer heat can be challenging

    When the weather outside is hot, there’s nothing better than opening the windows and letting the cool air in. Even though I live in an arena where temperatures can soar, that doesn’t mean the summer heat won’t be challenging. I know that some people have it easy and never have to deal with intense heat, […]