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  • Seven degrees from air conditioning

    I’m resting my voice after a long session of singing last night because we are going to do it once again tonight. I sing pretty loudly when we play and last night I did that for almost two hours and my voice is a bit rough sounding this morning. I will drink some water with […]

  • A good day of portable cooling systems

    It is the third of June today and we are sitting in the lower 70’s for a high each day, which is still nice and moderate as far as I am concerned. The middle of June will see the 80 F barrier get broken for the first time this year, marking the start of the […]

  • English leather and warm fireplaces

    I can still smell my gramps’ English Leather cologne that he would put on after shaving. It had a musky smell and whenever I smell it I automatically start looking for Stan my gramps. It is amazing how strong the sense of smell can be tied to a memory so long ago. I think I […]

  • Just bought ten heating system filters

    I can hear the train going by and it reminds me of when I was a kid at my grandparent’s lake house. You could hear the train blowing its horn from her home and it was always a sound that gave me comfort. Hearing it again here takes me right back to that place and […]

  • Tired from no climate control

    I have my batteries charging for my amp because last night they died on us while playing our music. I had them fully charged, or so I thought, but then I realized that my cats accidentally turned on the power to the amp and that subsequently drained the batteries some. One of the cats jumped […]

  • Waiting on my local contractor friend

    I wanted to sell it all a few months ago when it went down to 15 cents a share, but luckily my HVAC tech friend talked me out of that and got me to buy even more My buddy is coming over later to talk about this company that we are invested in. He has […]

  • Clear blue skies and temps heating up

    It is a small beach right next to the natural radiant heated floor cathedral spot where we play with the good acoustics, if you are bored Google it to see where we are and if you travel to the Spanish coast you should stop by here and maybe you’ll hear us playing with my local […]

  • Propane boiler keeping my bathtub hot

    I am writing in my office with my gloves on. I break the fingers out and am able to type with them as my fingers get entirely chilly in the days. I guess I could run my device and make it warmer in my office, although I would rather not and save money by wearing […]

  • No more heating entirely soon

    Things are going to change around this city entirely soon, the weather is finally going to break and some warmer temps will be on the way in about two weeks. That means the beaches will beginning filling up with sunbathers and volleyball players and the Summer crowds will beginning to come back again for the […]