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  • Testing local businesses in other towns

    Our band is going to head south soon and try out a different city for a month to see how much people like our music and how much cash we can pull in. We plan on going to this larger city and staying for a month there while we play every day for 30 days. […]

  • Looking for a new electric heater

    Okay, one more article and then off to swim in the Mediterranean Sea for a bit. I think we have hit the lowest temps now, as it is the second day of March, and the effects of the cold water are really therapeutic for me. I feel a lot more focused after doing the ten […]

  • Propane boiler keeping my bathtub hot

    I am writing in my office with my gloves on. I cut the fingers out and am able to type with them as my fingers get really cold in the mornings. I guess I could run my unit and make it warmer in my office, but I would rather not and save money by wearing […]

  • Need a new smart thermostat some day

    In October of 2025, which sounds far away but it is only about two and a half years off, I will hit the 20 year mark of being a performing artist. I started out doing stand up comedy for the first 15 years, but then gradually shifted over to music as the comedy wasn’t doing […]

  • Time to blow the dust off of the air conditioner

    It has been a long cold winter, but my bandmate and I have managed to keep practicing in the streets and in clubs the whole time. I think we play about five or six times a month during winter, but we make up for it in the summer, playing up to six times a week […]

  • No more heating very soon

    Things are going to change around this town very soon. The weather is finally going to break and some warmer temps will be on the way in about two weeks. That means the beaches will start filling up with sunbathers and volleyball players and the summer crowds will start to come back again for the […]

  • Voice a bit rough but good indoor air quality helps

    My voice is a bit scratchy this morning from singing for two hours last night, but I think by the time we hit the stage later it’ll be ready to go. Music is a lot of fun, especially when I compare it to my old days of doing stand up comedy where you are all […]

  • Climate control from the sea

    Our best song so far called By The Sea is going to be getting some action soon as we bought a big package of plays from this company that gets you followers. We don’t want to be famous or anything but we have a good song and we want the world to hear it. So […]

  • Patience and the art of cooling system repairs

    He would be cleaning a furnace filter and telling me about life, which felt like I was back with my gramps sitting in front of the fireplace on his lap listening to him tell me a story A lot of things in life involve patience, or at least they should involve the virtue most people […]